McDonald’s is one of the ultimate examples when it comes to a Great American Success story. In the year 1948, it started as a small-time burger joint, which eventually grew to become one of the most recognized chains around the world. As per the 2020 records, it is spread in more than 38,000 locations globally.

Considering its worldwide success in a fast-food world, McDonald’s has unsurprisingly made mind-blowing cash rankings of about $37.5 billion approximately in the U.S. alone in the year 2017.

In the year 2019, McDonald’s surpassed global sales of $100 billion for the first time in a decade and posted approximately $21 billion in revenue. But this is the total for the corporation getting advantage of thousands of stores working towards the total revenue.

But can you anticipate how much can an individual restaurant expect to make per year?

McDonald’s has about more than 14,000 stores nationwide. If you have started trying to calculate the math in your mind, you might be able to realize that an average restaurant makes about $2.7 million annually. It has also been verified by QSR data available from the 2018 analysis, which was the most recent individualized data for the U.S. This data also stated that McDonald’s had its most significant sales growth in the last six years.

The number from an average of ten years earlier has been steadily increasing over time, rising from $2.1 million.

Do you see yourself making dollar signs?

You just can’t, out of the blue, quit your job to open up a McDonald’s. Owning a franchise of a giant chain like McDonald’s is not as easy as it looks. The franchise of a new restaurant requires $45,000 as an initial fee. Apart from this, the cost of building, salaries of workers, rent, electricity and many other expenses come in handy. The initial cost can come up to nearly $1.5 million to $2.2 million approximately. According to the McDonald’s website, the owners can get only up to 60 percent of the financed amount back in the first year. The rest of the amount will come out of your pocket. Every year, owners also need to pay a four percent service fee, which means there is hope but a little less for those who dream of running a successful fast-food restaurant.


It is said that the average sales of a restaurant per day are around $7,000. Even if the restaurant is earning a high revenue each day, each month and each year, it also comes with a full package of expenditure that the owner might not be able to bear. McDonald’s is a big name amongst the fast-food chains that has maintained its legacy and has been in competition for a long time and will remain in it for the years yet to come.