Dubai has done something which you might not be expecting from anyone to date. It announced the opening of the world’s largest indoor dog park or a safe play zone for the dogs. ‘My Second Home’ is fully equipped with customized luxury suites, flat-screen TVs, 24/7 webcams, and orthopedic mattresses; it already gained enormous recognition all around the world.

About my second home

My Second Home booked many takers with 40 of its 200 private luxury rooms for the summer. The places launched during the Easter and it holds its place at the Dubai Investment Park. It is the brainchild of the group of dog lovers who wanted to make it to bridge the gap between restrictive outdoor community playing areas and boarding kennels. The facility offers both boarding and daycare facilities for the dogs.

As per the co-founder of My Second Home, dogs only crave human interaction and freedom to play. But after the imposition of the restrictions, the dogs have left with very few places to play. This excellent dog facility place in Dubai created a world-class environment for the dogs. Its main focus is to provide essential items and required space to the dogs; to ensure their enjoyment, interaction, and learning.

It’s all about size

The dog facility is equivalent to nearly 18 tennis courts, which is spread across 60,000 square feet area. It has two thirds indoor, a pet resort, and a spa, along with the capacity of 200 rooms and high-end suites with both outdoor and indoor pools. The first phase of this place accommodates about 90 dogs with customized hotel rooms that include comfort possessions, favorite toys, orthopedic mattresses, and a flat-screen TV.

The environment around the place

Pillay, the co-founder, said that the facility primarily invested in dog-friendly air quality management and paint services. They have also taken care of entry criteria, which is very stringent. As per him, they currently have 40 dogs assessed and registered with them. Before any dog sets foot inside the facility, it has to undergo a health check-up, behavior, and temperament assessment and vaccination appraisal tests. Followed by an induction during which they introduce your pet to other dogs to ensure a peaceful environment. As the temperature is rising, the facility is also allowing daily walk-in visitors inside the premises. 

Safe and secure

You can easily keep an eye on your dog via a webcam which makes a 24/7 video surveillance accessible for you. Around the clock, pick-up and drop off services are also available. The facility has an experienced team, a resident first aid officer, and quick access to consulting vets. A Groomingdale’s Pampering Parlor will soon collaborate to fix the dog’s uneven hair. Another function that it offers is to use a DIY washtub. 

The facility also has a team of experienced trainers and behavior experts. The latest techniques are also available that helps the caretakers to deal with temperament, canine attitudes, socialization, behavior management, and puppy progress. The rates range from Dh100 to Dh 500, depending on which plan or package you take.

So, now you might be excited to take your friend to this new place. Lucky are those who are in Dubai and can experience this world’s largest indoor dog park.