Wedelstedt, a 56-year-old mountain hiker, was on her way back from Colorado’s gray’s peak along with her three friends. The members of the group were mostly of the same age but had more strength than the youth. Wedelstedt and her friends loved hiking and were quite regular in performing such activity.

About Colorado’s grays peak

 This mountain peak rises 14,278 feet above sea level. It is too high that even trees can’t grow on its top but has plenty of rocks, boulders, and shrubs. This mountain peak is in the list of the other mountain peaks of more than 14,000 feet height. These mountains are known as the fourteeners, and the Grays’s peak is often considered as the easiest hiking path amongst them. It is quite popular for weekend climbing, and it was also experienced by Wedelstedt along with her friends.

How Wedelstedt got injured?

The weather was thunderous, and the stormy wind was brewing. Everyone was quite anxious to get off the mountain safely and quickly. Later, the group reached a couple of feet long rock drop, and as they were thinking of the safest way to land, Wedelestedt decided to leap instead of shimmying down on her butt. She landed on her left leg and heard a little snap.

How did she manage after the snap?

 It was difficult for Wedelestedt to keep each step after the incident, but she couldn’t handle it for long, so she had to stop walking. One of her friends ran down to look for some help, and several hiking strangers came to rescue. They helped her to walk down the narrow trail by standing one on each her side to provide her support. But it was more off a slow and dangerous process as the trail was quite narrow. Thus, there was no enough space for three people to walk altogether.

Then one of the hikers named Matt asked her that, how would she feel if the people would lift her. And even before she could answer, Matt lifted her over his shoulders. Being a basketballer, Wedelestedt was quite tall.

Thus, it was difficult for Matt to carry her down. Hence, the six of the hikers and one of her friends carried her one by one, all the way to the base point of the hiking trip. She told them about her desire to meet a lot of men, but it was not the way that she was expecting it to be. It took three hours for the human conveyor belt to finally reach the base point, where people took her to the hospital.

Eventually, she recovered from the injury, but she knew that she’d never been able to shake off the memory of the strange hikers who came to rescue her!