To many of us, the lifestyles of the rich and famous are a complete mystery. Most of us in the lower or middle-class desire more money. Yet apart from the basic necessities in life and a few things we would like to own, what would we really do if we had all the money that rich people have? The truth is that we just would not know how to spend the insane amounts of money that they have. Let’s take a sneaky look at how rich people spend their free time and what their favorite hobbies are.

Collecting stuff

The really rich people love to collect stuff. Millionaires who own 30 sports cars. Billionaires who own 100 designer handbags. Most of these rich people will likely never get a chance to wear or use every collectible they get their hands on but they simply see the are of collecting as the hobby itself. This is clearly a hobby reserved solely for rich people. The price of these items is extremely high and the idea of being things that we will never use is completely alien to most of us. After that maintenance costs as well. Imagine needing room to display your watches or taking the cars you don’t drive to the mechanic every year. This is one hobby that sounds like more trouble than it is worth to me.


If you have ever had the chance to go skiing or snowboarding you will know how amazing it is and how expensive it is too. A day on a lift will cost you around $100. The clothes to keep warm will cost another couple of hundred. The gear to use will either cost thousands to buy or hundreds to rent. The bills stack up and you haven’t even thought about where to stay and what to eat. Choices around snow mountains tend to be really expensive.

Yet for those people who don’t have to worry about money, snow sports are an incredible luxury. They can buy chalets that are actually on the mountain, use the nicest gear, and even rent a helicopter to take them up to the top of the mountains whenever they finish their run. Heliskiing is one of the greatest hobbies that rich people have created and is far more impressive than collecting things.


When it comes to showing off your wealth, snowsports are pretty good but watersports are better. The richer you are the bigger the yacht you need. Most will also have a massive sailboat too. The cost of these sailboats is incredibly high not just to purchase but to store and maintain. This is one purchase you should not make unless you really have an unlimited supply of money.

Richard Branson is one of the richest people in the world and is an avid kitesurfer. This is another fantastic hobby but is expensive to get into. A kite will cost you around $1,000 and a board will too. You will need lessons there are about $200 a pop and after about five you may be able to ride a little. That is an investment of about $3000 or more before you can call yourself a kitesurfer. The good thing about this sport is that the water is free so at least once you have spent all this money you can go as often as you like with no extra cost.

These are just three of the hobbies that are loved by the rich and famous. Of course, we have seen from following them on Instagram and other networks that they love to travel and play golf too. Basically, if anything costs an incredible amount of money, they love it.