Only a James Bond movie can have such equipment or vehicle, but this concept gave a direction to the future of superyachts for being sub-aquatic. It was dreamed of by an Italian-based naval architect Elena Nappi. Her hybrid vessel-based yacht design can travel on both, the surface of the sea and underwater. This superyacht is called the “Carapace,” as it submerges into the water for about 985 feet for up to ten days straight, offering amazing views of marine life to its guests.

Nappi, who created the revolutionary concept after years of nautical experimentation research, says it represents a “new class of mega yachts,” bringing together the coziness of luxury yachts and the”privacy” of immersion navigation.

The hybrid vessel

According to Nappi, the last frontiers in the field of experimentation is the world of luxury submarines. Also, the hybrid is the possible language of the future because she thinks that yacht owners are looking for something different each time. They want their friends and family to have something special, and a diving cruise is magic. It is an unprecedented entrant in the superyacht market.

With a light aluminum superstructure that measures 256 feet in length, Carapace will be powered by a diesel-electric and fuel cell system. It’d hold three deck levels, with VIP cabins, a lounge, a spa, a bar, a health club and many other onboard amenities.

This is definitely something that makes you feel the luxury and the power of architecture advancements. It is named Carapace; a hard shell that lets you survive anywhere in the water or on the sea.

An original design

Nappi envisions it being hired for personal trips, in addition to business meetings that require complete secrecy. Although there’s no sign of a price as yet, it’s thought the vessel will set buyers back a few hundreds of millions. But anyone expecting to get their hands on this mega yacht must sit tight.

Nappi predicts that Carapace will take its time to hit the oceans as the concept like this does not take overnight to build. In comparison to the automotive industry, she points out that it is understood that a boat like this is still farfetched. She says that the first electric car was built in 1884 and reached the market today, making her point clear that Carapace-like harness cannot be placed in the market before 100 years.

A heads up on the architect: Nappi is now a designer for Italian shipyard Fincantieri, but the company isn’t involved in the Carapace job.


While we wait for the superyacht to hit the sea, this innovative design will have a hybrid vessel concept to fuel its unique needs. The human-made tortoise will soon be set in the sea. Carapace will be sub-aquatic straight out of the James Bond movie.