Restaurante Mondongo’s El Poblado

This restaurant was founded in 1976 and is located on San Juan Avenue in the city of Medellín. It is named after a paisa dish called the Mondongo. The restaurant is both a favorite of the locals as well as the tourists who visit due to it’s delicious, traditional food. The restaurant has a warm vibe to it and a large staff to assist their customers. Mondongo’s is the perfect place for anyone looking for traditional Colombian food.

Restaurante Hatoviejo

Hatoviejo’s goal is to provide a cozy atmosphere, paisa culture, traditional food, and international dishes. The restaurant has traditional Colombian architecture, so visitors feel immersed in the local culture when they eat there. They have won several awards and recognitions, such as the Rosa De Los Vientos prize. They also host live music at a few of their locations on Friday and Saturday. Not only do they have great food, but they also work with small businesses and countrymen to provide fresh ingredients, work towards pro-environment policies, and work to promote the local culture and bring tourists.


This bar and kitchen provides a unique twist on Colombian cuisine. The food is inspired by traditional Colombian meals but adds a modern touch. The environment is unique, incorporating plants into the decor to give it a natural, almost forest-like look. It’s perfect for tourists looking for a more hipster feeling locale and a fresh take on Colombian food.

Restaurante la Provincia

La Provincia is an upscale place with an elegant vibe. It is a family business that has been around for 25 years. They pay special attention to the gastronomic qualities of their food. Their large staff of over 25 employees ensures the food is handled with special care and delivered in a timely manner. It is perfect for social and business events, as there is space for approximately 100 people.

Restaurante Barcal

Founded by chef Miguel Warren, Barcal is an upscale restaurant in Medellín. They apply high-end cuisine techniques to indigenous Colombian food. This provides a fresh twist to Colombian cuisine. The restaurant has a clean, minimalist look to it that still manages to capture Colombian culture. It offers a tasting menu with only Colombian products, which makes it unique to other tasting menus. They host events such as business events, wedding events, and private events.