A garage sale or a family heirloom find, new and shiny or missing a leg- dining tables being unique as their owners. Each dining table is the perfect descriptor of your family and you. So, what does your table in the kitchen say about you? Does your kitchen require a facelift? So let’s get started with what your dining table says about you.

If your dining table is not visible because it’s a catchall for everything that no one wants to throw away.

This means that you’re a dreamer. You dream of the day when using the matching placemats that you brought one time. You are someone who dreams of the day when you’ll have time to declutter the same way some people dream of visiting Switzerland. You might also be a yeller, as in “Get your stuff off my dining table, or you won’t find it in the morning.”

But mostly as a dreamer, you have huge plans for your future, and they are outlined on more than five Pinterest boards. You are looking to start your own business, and you’d be great at it, and you had a table at which only you could work.

If you have an oversized dining table, that is surrounded by tufted chairs, and it looks like the next cover of Architectural Digest.

This means that you’re a bit fancy. You have more than two fondue pots, your teacups are made of bone china, and you own many towels that no one has ever used because they’re only used for display purposes. There is a possibility of tassels.

You have a separate room in your home that is dedicated entirely to gift-wrapping, and the door is password protected because God would also not forgive any who try to mess up your ribbon spools. You always have dinner with your family. You have restrained political discussion on the dining table.

If you have a mildly sticky dining table

If your dining table is sticky all the time, it means that you have an insane work schedule right now. Getting yourself and your family ready and out of the house on time is becoming an adventure sport for you every morning.

If you have a dining table made up of glass.

If you have a glass dining table, then you’re a daredevil. You are not afraid of watermarks or fingerprints. You mostly wear white pants while making marinara. You think aprons are made for wimps. You believe life is all about taking a risk, and you are thinking of getting yourself inked.

You love to make bold fashion statements like you consider neon yellow as the new black. Your favorite Friday night activity is drinking wine and doing the painting. Your retirement plan is to have a tiny house and learn how to make chunky jewelry.

Owning a dining table is an essential part of the furniture, but little did we know that a dining table also displays our personality trait.