Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resorts has to offer you the brilliant experience of spending one night with the elephants. They have started something new called “Jungle Bubbles,” in which you can sleep for a night, next to the elephants. It is the best way to sift through the life of an elephant.

Jungle Bubbles

Two transparent bubble-like domes are right next to the enclosure, which is inhabited by three rescued elephants. These elephants are taken care of by the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation of the resort.

You can sit back or lay down to watch these female elephants playing with the strategically placed toys that are hanged from large trees in the resort. Sometimes, they ripe off the enormous chunks of barks or branches of the trees, which cause a loud cracking sound.

But the primary thing that they want to do is to eat. Thankfully, there is an ample supply of sugarcane always placed within a few steps from the bubbles, so that you can closely enjoy almost every action of the elephants.

How can you experience the trip?

You can book the bubbles per night for a couple, in addition to your private resort room, for 17,700 baht (US$563). Hence, the best thing is that you just have to pack a bag for a night and rest you can leave it up in the suite room of the resort.

How will the trip begin?

You will be picked up by the driver of an open-air jeep, from the lobby of the resort, just before sunset time. The driver will take you down a dirt road, just before strolling through the resort’s paddy to reach to the bubbles.

Once you have reached, the staff will deliver a picnic basket for the evening, which will include pre-selected sandwiches and some other cold dishes so that you can enjoy having a meal beside the animals. However, you are not allowed to touch or feed the elephants.

Are these bubbles comfortable to stay?

All these bubbles are air-conditioned with a comfortable king-sized bed with wrap-around curtains to offer you complete privacy. The bubble is pressurized into a 22 square meter area with a luxurious mini place. There is a small washroom with installations, including a toilet, shower.  The rest of the place is furnished with a couple of chairs and a small bedside table. There is no TV installed as the only thing you are supposed to enjoy there are the elephants. All the sensitive sleepers will be provided with the eye masks as the place gets quite illuminated when the moon is right above the bubble.

These female elephants sleep for only 4 to 6 hours a day so that they can hear their delightful sounds throughout the night. There are definite chances that you might get up from the bed to enjoy a late-night sneak peek of the elephants.

The idea of Jungle Bubbles

The purpose of making these “Jungle Bubbles” was of Gauderic Harang, the General Manager of the resort. The primary motive was to push boundaries and offer something significantly unique to the guests without missing out on the central character, luxury. The crucial part of this project was to make elephant proof bubbles to match the safety standards.

After the production of the bubbles, Harang was the first to go for the trial, to ensure the comfort and safety of the guests. The bubble is fully equipped with air conditions, dehumidifier, and space heaters to ensure a comfortable stay in any weather. Thus, it is something to experience at least once in your lifetime.