London is one of the world’s most loved and visited tourist destinations, and the Victory House hotel adds to the popularity of the city. The Victory House hotel in London’s Leicester Square has a reputation that the hotel makes its guests turn into a movie star. If you too fantasize about becoming a film star too, then you must check out the following details about it by going through the article below.

About Victory House

  • The hotel is located in the most prime locations of the city, i.e., Leicester Square.
  • Once you enter the hotel, you can enjoy watching multiple vintage items, brass, and retro phones.
  • Each floor has a display that runs the clips of the British Pathe footage from the 1950s and 60s.
  • These displays also feature some of the premieres of Leicester Square during the heyday.
  • The hotel allows the guests to express themselves and become a film star, which is the dream of most of the people in the world.
  • Apart from everything, you can also enjoy other movie-related features and memorabilia in the hotel.

About Leicester Square

  • Leicester Square is London’s house of entertainment, which is situated in the most prime location of the city.
  • The place attracts over 250,000 million visitors each day.
  • It hosts premieres of around 50 movies every year.

How are the guests turned into film stars?

  • The guests of the hotel get an opportunity to direct and star in their very own film.
  • The guests are allowed to work with professional filmmakers to create a personalized film showing their experience in the hotel and the city.
  • The hotel has an entire team of experts that help the guests to get a complete experience of the life of a film star.
  • You are provided with a short tutorial on how to use a small 360-degree camera to create your video.
  • These videos are later styled by professionals and the professionals covert these clips into vintage styled clips. These clips play on the display screens of each floor of the hotel.
  • You get the liberty to choose your room and overlook the red carpet when a film icon comes to the town.

Winding up

The days to enter the glamorous world of Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe is not far if you are planning to take a trip to London this year. The heart of the city, Leicester Square, is the home to a vintage hotel, Victory House. It turns your dreams into reality by helping you in becoming a star in your film. Visit the place to experience the life of a film star as you are one of them!