Every milk container or packet comes with an expiry day. But do you know exactly how long milk packets are good to consume? There is a chance that you might throw away your milk packets way too soon before they even went bad. Go through the article to understand the correct answer to this query of yours.

A piece of knowledge about the expiration date of milk

According to a study by Eat By Date, an open milk packet can easily last for 4-7days after its printed expiry date but only if it is refrigerated. In the case of a refrigerated sealed milk packet, it can last for 5-7 days past its printed date. Low-fat milk can last for 7 days, and on the other hand, lactose-free milk can last for 7-10 days, if refrigerated.

The labels on the milk packets can also cause a huge difference in the understanding of the consumer. There is a great difference in phrases like “use by,” “sell by,” “best if used by,” and “expires on.” The phrase “expires on” is indicating towards the day when the milk will start deteriorating, that means after this date, it may become unsafe for consumption. Another phrase “ best if used by” explains that the food is safe to eat even after that day, but the quality must be checked before consuming it.

For how long can you leave the milk to sit out?

An important factor in learning is where and how to store your milk to maintain its freshness? The answer is briefly explained by FDA, that, if the milk is left unrefrigerated for two or more hours, then it is unsafe for consumption. You must also keep in mind where you must keep the milk packet in your fridge, which is not the door shelves.

The milk must be stored in the same container it came in at 38° to 40°F temperature. It must be stored far away from the fridge door as this may expose the milk to warm air, which eventually means that the milk will be spoiled at a faster rate. Also, ensure to tightly close the lid of the milk container to avoid bacterial growth and also to avoid it from accidental contamination.

Tips for storing milk

Follow the guidelines to keep the milk fresh for as long as possible.

  • Pick up the milk packet last while shopping in the grocery store, and instantly keep it in the refrigerator once you reach home.
  • The ideal temperature to store milk in the refrigerator is 40 degrees F or below. This extends the shelflife and maximizes the flavor of the milk.
  • Ensure to store the milk in the coldest part of the fridge and nowhere near the door to avoid its exposure to the air outside it.
  • Milk in the packets is pasteurized to kill the health risking bacteria, and it is also not safe to leave the milk unrefrigerated for a longer time.

Winding up

If you think that your milk must be prematurely expired, then you must use your judgment and proceed. If the milk is spoiled, then it must have an off odor, texture, or flavor to it because of spoilage bacteria, which generally occur naturally.