When it comes to eating most online advice tries to give you recipes for new dishes or instructions on how to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Today we want to do something a little different. There are many cultures around the world that have the belief that eating certain foods will bring you good luck and prosperity in life. Here are some foods that you should introduce to your diet if you are looking for a little more luck.


Green is always a symbol of good fortune. Most people associate the color green with money. This is the reason that the jade stone is seen as a stone that will bring prosperity to your life. In other cultures, the four-leaf clover is also seen as a good luck charm. While no one is suggesting that you start eating four-leaf clovers we are suggesting increasing your greens.

Many cultures believe that if you eat a healthy meal of green food you will experience a boost in luck shortly after. This appears to be a risk-free experiment as even if those cultures are wrong you will experience an increase in your health and a positive boost to your emotions as greens are proven to be the key to a healthy diet and a healthy life. For good fortune, we recommend a dish of Brussel sprouts, green beans, and kale. Add a little salt and olive oil, cook in a pan, enjoy the delicious meal, and wait to see if your luck changes.


Lentils are a great vegetarian nutrient food source. If you are having a meat-free day we suggest trying lentils. They are great for your body, incredibly delicious, pretty versatile and it turns out may bring you money. In Italy, locals believe that lentils will bring an increase to your fortune. Many felt that lentils looked like coins and so the association came from there.


While greens and lentils are two healthy options you can also opt for noodles if you prefer. A number of Asian cultures believe that eating noodles will make you live a longer life. However, they are very particular that you must have the entire noodle in your mouth before you bite. Biting the noodle in half before it is inside your mouth is seen as rude and not great for your lifespan. If you want to live a full life, eat a full noodle.


The pomegranate is a fantastic fruit that tastes great on its own, as a juice, or as part of a salad. Mediterranean countries believe that eating pomegranate will increase your fertility and bring abundance to your life. Pomegranate is so delicious that this is another belief that we are happy to try out. Even if it doesn’t work pomegranate is so tasty that we don’t mind at all.

These are just four foods that are supposed to bring more luck to your life if you eat them. Depending on what culture you are interested you can likely find many more. Throughout our research, we have found that grapes, rice, pork, fish, and cornbread are all believed to help with your fortune in life. This shows that if you want to eat food that is lucky, it is not particularly difficult. You can eat food for the benefit of good fortune that will also improve your diet and let you try out some fun new delicious meals. From here, simply create these dishes and then go do the lotto. If you win, we are happy to take a cut as a thank you for providing this information. Say 50%?