Salads are said to be an essential part of our meal. They are supposed to utilize different types of leafy greens to curate a crisp and fresh feed rivaling fries and burgers of the restaurants all over. It is to be noted that when it comes to food-illness, most of the experts said that they avoid ordering salads at the restaurant. One of the experts in an interview mentioned greens getting contaminated in the field. After that, when they are pre-washed and chopped with other vegetables, the risk of them getting more dangerous and harmful due to bacteria increases.  But there is one type of green salad that you must always avoid ordering at restaurants, i.e., iceberg lettuce.

Why iceberg lettuce is a big NO

The main ingredient being cheap, always available, and longer shelf life, iceberg salads remain one of the mainstays on the menus. It is an overpriced salad at any restaurant, which is 95 percent water. Restaurant fools you by making you pay too much for a flavorless ingredient.

Many food bloggers and experts often recommend that you must keep in mind not to pay too much for one of the boring items on the menu. Instead, you must try to opt for seasonal salads with local ingredients whenever it is possible. As we talk about the conventional food deserts of the nation, iceberg lettuce is one of the most nostalgic, approachable, easy-sell, and price-point salads. So you must try not to feel bad if you decide to go with this dish, even if it is not the best thing you are ordering.

Apart from the salad being pricey, one of the main reasons a diner must think before ordering a salad at a restaurant is your lettuce being contaminated. There is a huge possibility of your salad being contaminated by bacteria. So the salad which you are consuming for health benefits might backfire you as it contains 20 percent of foodborne illness.

The real reason behind greens getting contaminated

There are numerous ways of greens getting tainted, but one of the most common causes is manure used for fertilizer. Another reason why produce can be tainted is mainly applied to organically grown items. These organically grown crops are not treated with traditional fungicides, which makes them susceptible to harmful compounds produced by fungi leading them to a drastic health effect on the diner. This is why the restaurant needs to wash the lettuce thoroughly; otherwise, it could lead to severe health consequences.

Other Reasons why you should avoid ordering a salad at the restaurant

Keeping aside the overwhelming evidence of iceberg lettuce being pricy and contaminated. There are some of the other reasons lying behind this theory.

  • A study, according to an article, proved that a classic wedge salad ingredient, iceberg lettuce, is often marked up about 20 times its worth.
  • For those who like ordering a diet-friendly salad must keep in mind that dressings of salads are often laden with chemicals and fat, changing your big bowl of salad into diet-busting food.
  • Tortilla strips, cheese, croutons, crispy chicken, and other standard salad toppers are not a good option, especially if you are looking forward to maintaining your health.
  • And finally, salads are not eco-friendly or sustainable. Washington Post has published, and according to the article, salads are the top source of food waste. Growing lettuce produces more greenhouse gas emissions at an alarming rate.


All the following points suggest that salad is probably not the best choice to go for while you go out to order and spend money. It is possible that it might make a hole in your pocket and might also lead to an adverse side effect on your health.