Most companies in the food industry want to avoid customer complaints as much as possible, but that is not the case with fast-food chain Five Guys. If you ever bought french fries from their fast-food chain, you’ll probably have seen how they spill out into the french fries box and overflow everywhere. They don’t supersize your order; it’s just the way every french fries order is fulfilled from their outlet. One of the founder’s sons even admitted that if the customers aren’t complaining about the size of the fries they receive, then the serving executive is not doing their job right.

The founder of Five Guys food chain, Jerry Murrel, had four sons; hence you know the reason behind the name of the restaurant. The restaurant chain is best known for taking good care of its customers with both food and service. At this point, they have more than 1,300 locations of their fast-food restaurant worldwide. When one of the sons of Jerry Murrel, Chad, spoke to the Food Republic, he explained why the fast-food chain is so interested in hearing customers complain about their fries.

Why they love complaints about their fries?

The brand doesn’t look to learn anything when the customer complains. Rather, they are very proud of the quality and taste of their fries. The fast-food chain uses over 140 million pounds of potatoes from Idaho. Which means, they use 5% of the potatoes grown in Idaho and they make amazing fries out of them

In every Five Guys location in the world, employees will cut the potatoes using their hands, and to remove starch, they will soak them in water. It’s required to blanch the fries to rinse the starch off them, or else the outside will burn up while cooking. It takes around two hours to aggravate them enough to remove the starch, and the last step is 3 minutes of a power wash, Murrell told the Food Republic.

The fast-food chain also uses pure peanut oil to fry their potatoes, so you won’t get as much as preservatives or trans fats as you’ll find in other fast-food restaurant’s french fries. Although Five Guys do their best to make their french fries healthier, they are not healthy. Five Guys fries are rated as the unhealthiest order of fries in the United States of America.

You might also be wondering why they give so many fries as compared to other fries outlets. Five Guys fries are packed in a 24 oz cup, so they are already giving you more than the competition offers. Murrels sums it up pretty nicely when he says, “I won’t name names of the restaurants, but there are some they just don’t give the satisfying amount of french fries. We always provide an extra scoop of french fries. I always tell my employees to load them up and make sure they get fries worth the money they spend”. Murrel also added that some people complain that they get too many fries. I just tell them to make hash browns with the leftover fries. He further added that he teaches his managers that if people aren’t complaining, then you’re not giving them enough fries.

Final words

So, now you understand why Five Guys want you to complain about their Fries quantity. If you’re complaining, that means you’re getting enough fries. So, the next time you get fries from the Five Guys, make sure you complain about it. This will let Mr. Murrel know that his outlets are giving enough fries to the customers.