You are committing a culinary crime if you are pouring the pasta water down the drain. It is not a huge crime, but it is just a bad habit that needs to be corrected. The water in which you boil the pasta is a great thing to make your pasta dish even more delicious. It helps in binding the sauce to the pasta, and to improve the flavor and texture of the sauce.

What is it in the pasta water?

It is the water that is left after the pasta is done boiling. The water is rich in starch and has the goodness of the salts. However, it is something that might not look good or may look like dirty water, but it is the key ingredient to make a delicious and mouthwatering pasta dish. The starch in the water helps the sauces to easily bind with the pasta and give a creamy texture to it. Also, it helps in improving the taste of the pasta to a great extent.

How to get most out of this starch water?

After you are done boiling the pasta, remove the pot from the heat. Separate the water from the boiled pasta and store it for later use. The next step is to add some amount of this water to the sauces prepared for the pasta and stir it well. Then add the pasta to it. The starch in the water adds richness to the sauce to enhance the taste and aroma of your pasta dish.

The starch in the water also acts as a thickening agent for the sauce. It is the only way to make an average pasta dish into something extraordinary and delightful. It is the way; an Italian restaurant serves the pasta to its guests.

The starch water can be preserved in the form of ice cubes for later uses. It is perfect for adding consistency to the gravy, soups, risotto, and stews. Thus, make sure to preserve the pasta water in the ice tray and freeze it for long time use.


  • It is the key ingredient for preparing Italian dishes in restaurants like food, including pasta or risotto.
  • Starch water adds a silky and creamy texture, mostly to the alfredo pasta.
  • The salt in the pasta water, adds more flavor to your delicious pasta dish.
  • It is a tip that only an excellent culinary school can teach.
  • Make sure to preserve the pasta water to use it as many times as you want.

Winding up

Pasta water is considered as gold water in terms of cooking Italian food or food with gravy, like risotto, soups, and stews. Thus, make sure never to commit this culinary crime ever again and preserve the starch water, to enjoy a restaurant like pasta at home!