Paying extra on the bill just for your avocado topping is the pits, but there is a reason why it is so expensive. From planting to serving it on the plate, the price of the avocado keeps on rising. Some reasons contribute to the higher rate of guacamole. In this post, you will get to know why guacamole costs extra in the restaurants.

Avocados consume a lot of water to grow

The high price of guacamole starts right before it is mixed with lime, tomato, and onions. According to the University of California survey, avocados consume a lot of water to grow, i.e., approximately 200 liters of water per pound of fruit. This requirement far surpasses that of other toppings like onions and tomatoes in your salsa, which only require about an inch of water per week.

Demand increases the price

About nine-ten years ago, avocado toasts, spreads, dips, salads, tacos, and burritos were not a staple for most Americans. Now they are everywhere! Currently, there are numerous avocado recipes that you can try. Since the last few years, there has been a significant rise in the demand for avocados.

Domestic shortage

Prices of avocado are pretty unpredictable since they are seasonal crops. Avocado prices vary throughout the year. There may be a slight change in prices only due to trading politics. As we get the idea, restaurants must try to keep in mind that the prices may get fluctuated depending upon the market as well so they must try to calculate the cost wisely. As businesses are looking to make more profit, they ensure they don’t lose money when selling guacamole by charging two dollars.

Avocados go bad pretty quickly

If you are someone who delays eating the fruit for a day or two, you will likely come across a brown avocado. When avocados come in contact with air, they start developing a brown sticky layer. It makes restaurants incur losses. Therefore, the fast rate of spoilage in avocado contributes to its high price.

Is it worth paying extra?

Growing an avocado and then mixing it with other ingredients in the kitchen to prepare guacamole comes at a high cost. Avocados see high prices right from the farm as they are costly to grow. Since avocados are grown at certain times of the year in a few regions, it is precious produce to consumers. And more importantly, there is a truth that you will not get surprised to know – restaurants charge extra as they know that you will pay extra for guacamole because you like it. So we hope you got to understand why guacamole costs extra in the restaurants.