Spa, when this word comes in our mind, it gives us great relaxation. Don’t we all have a wish that we could have a spa day every day? Sometimes, after a hectic long week, all we want to do is check in to our little oasis and get relaxation from the stress. To get that relaxation, we can select a facial massage or a full-body massage, or all of the above. Spa experience not only relaxes your body, but it also reduces your daily stress. Now the question is, can’t we get this professional experience at home with less expense?

Yes, we can get this experience at home because the market is full of stuff that can get the spa experience right into your place. Get your hands on the right stuff, and soon, you’ll be able to have a zen experience right in your house.

Whether you love the spa near your home for the relaxing smells, calming music or the way your body feels after it, we’ve collected a list of a few of our favorite products that will bring the spa experience right at your home. Self-care has never been so easy.

IFox iF012 Shower Speaker

Having relaxing music to listen is the very first step for setting a pleasant, peaceful mood. This is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker; it’s the most optimal shower speaker. This speaker has a battery life of 10 hours on one charge, so all you need to do is connect your phone with the speaker, choose your favorite relaxing playlist, and you’re all set.

Splash Tunes Pro Dual Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless speaker is not only waterproof, but it comes with an in-built microphone, for you can attend calls. If your Spa day includes catching up with your friends and family, then this one is the perfect spa speaker for you. 

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

A bathtub tray is essential to keep all your personal belongings near to you, while you’re relaxing in the tub. This bath tray features a tablet or a book holder, wine glass holder and two removable trays to put in spa accessories. It can accommodate two bathers at one time if you want to share your home spa experience with your loved ones.

Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow

To properly relax while you’re in the bathtub, having a bath pillow is a must. With a bath pillow, you’ll not be putting anymore strains on your neck and back while leaning against the hard tub wall. This two-panel pillow is made with padded foam, and it features 7 suction cups to eliminate pillow slippage to be more comfortable.

VicTsing Mini Oil Diffuser

Once you get your hands on a diffuser, you’ll never stop using it. This aromatherapy VicTsing Mini Oil Diffuser is a portable and easy to place even in the smallest bathroom corners. It also doesn’t make any noise while diffusing your favorite essential oil so that this diffuser won’t disturb you with noise during a relaxing spa day. It also offers eight-color light options to set your mood.

Sense Sation Vegan Skin Exfoliating Kit Give your body a full spa experience by using a body spa tool kit for extra exfoliation. This Sense Sation vegan exfoliating set is completely vegan, and it includes a body brush, pumice stone, foot brush, face konjac sponge, loofah back and bath gloves to soften skin.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Unisex Bathrobe

Once you’re done with your home spa treatment, or if you simply need to run out of the bathroom in between your spa treatment, then you’ll need a bathrobe to wear. It’s a cozy thing to wear in the house.

Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Fur Slippers

One spa thing that your bathroom probably won’t have is a heated floor. But with these slippers, you’ll feel extra warm and comfortable because these slippers come with faux fur detailing.

With these products, for sure you can have a spa experience right at your home for a relatively low price.