For the busy bees like families and us with dual earners, frozen food is the respite. When you have to prepare the food, instant freezer food can be a time-saver. But people, what happens when you pull out a tray of mashed potato or frozen beef from the freezer? It is freezer burned, and just like you are very cautious before eating freezer burn ice-cream, you need to be careful about the food too.

The freezer burn might be hiding stale and rotten food. Read on to know how to bail in such a situation.

What is freezer burn?

Well, freeze burn occurs when the food dries out, and usually, when the food dries out, you discard it. The freeze burn happens when the leftover moisture escapes from the food; it turns to ice on the surface. There can be two reasons for the freezer burn on food. Firstly you might not have stored the food properly if the food is not stale and you can use it. Secondly, the food has been in the freezer for too long. It is known to everyone that too long means that the food is not fit to eat.

Is freezer burn food safe?

Freezer burn does not necessarily mean that you have to trash the whole grocery. Freezer burn food is fine to consume. It might give out a dried-out texture while you heat up and eat, but it is safe to eat freezer burn food.

How to prevent freezer burn?

While it could be safe to consume, that layer of ice crystals is not precisely what you’re aiming for. For future prevention from the freezer burn, the No. 1 rule to be sure of is, you store all your food properly. For that, you can store it in airtight containers (search for glass and plastic that are specifically freezer-safe) or wrap it tightly with plastic wrap. The air in the container or the wrap will speed up the freezer burn.

You should also ensure that your freezer isn’t too packed, full of groceries and containers, or too cold. Leave space for air to circulate and maintain the temperature.  If you’re planning on freezing leftovers or a freshly baked casserole, ensure that you allow it to cool completely before placing it in the freezer. Sealing up it when it’s still warm will lead to steam and condensation to form on.

In conclusion

Freezer burn is not necessarily too bad until you have the realization that probably the food is too old and you would not like to have it. Because it will not only give out the dried-up taste, it will also lack the minerals, nutrients, and essential bacteria needed in the food. To prevent freezer burn, one will have to store the food in specialized containers, also escape all air before putting it in the freezer.