The world of the kitchen becomes intriguing as you come across even the tiniest detail of it. We all have come across this question of why there is a hole at the end of the pan. But the only thing we could figure out till now is that it is used to hang it up. As per some experts, we have found the real reason behind the hole.

Straightforward logic we missed

It has been found out that the hole at the end of your saucepan handle is suitable for more than just hanging up your pan. We can say that the worst part about cooking is cleaning up the mess. The piles of dishes after preparing and eating a big meal are always least-exciting. What if there is a way to limit even a small part of post-cooking cleanup? Seems very intriguing, right?

So yes, the secret behind that hole is that you can conveniently put your spoon while cooking. You can just place the end of the spoon’s handle in the hole. You must position the spoon in a way so that it hovers over the pan. But before placing the spoon, you must tap off as much food or sauce off the spoon before placing it in the panhandle. The handles are designed in a way that, while stirring and cooking the dish, you can easily set the cooking spatula/spoon in the hole to avoid any leakage or mess on the gas stovetop. This way, you can also prevent food leakage down the spoon making the cooking process more manageable and chaos-free.

Safety first

But you must make sure to use a heat-resistant or a wooden spoon so that the handle or pan doesn’t melt from the heat. You must not forget to stay safe and must keep your panhandle towards the outside of the burners so that it is facing the counter. It is suggested not to keep the pan on the floor or rough slab, as the coated base can get exposed and might lead to scratches. It might cause the chances of the coating getting damaged.


The hole at the end of the saucepan handle is meant to hold a cooking spoon, but of course, we were not aware of this fact until now.

This new theory is quite interesting and practical. So, the next time you are planning to cook using a saucepan, there is no need to look for a quarter plate for your cooking spatula or spoon. The solution has always been right in front of your eyes.