You all must be aware of the story about Frank Sinatra’s famous golden toilets. In this article, we will discuss how “just golden toilets” can fetch a huge amount in the auction. The opportunity to sit on a golden toilet which Frank Sinatra himself owned doesn’t come around often. The auction was scheduled to be held in 2020, where the furnishings from his executive suite at the former suite of Golden Nigget Casino were auctioned off by SS Auction, Inc.

But what was so distinctive about these furnishings?

It is said that Sinatra’s gigantic suite was furnished by Steve Wynn, a casino mogul who selected décor from all over the world. In the year 1980, Wynn inaugurated the hotel in December, and Sinatra sang there for several years. David Berenbilt, a marketing manager at an auction house, said that “While Sinatra was away from his residence, nobody was allowed to stay there.”

The famous toilets Sinatra used went out for auction. The gold-seated and Italian marble toilets were highly sought after. It was later stated by a popular online website that, typically, toilets like those would go maybe around for $2,000 online. Still, one of them was sold successfully for around $4,250, and his very basic one (marble toilet without gold seat) was sold for $1,800. There is no question of why they were sold at this high price. It was, of course, the emotions of the people. There must have been some attachment as they belonged to Frank Sinatra. That’s the reason why eager fans paid thousands to snag his gold-seated commodes at auction.

Does it seem like a lot for a toilet?

Well, of course, yes, but those prices were undoubtedly a steal for a hardcore Sinatra fan who had always dreamed of getting a bit taste of his lavish lifestyle. Nowadays, new marbled Sinatra like toilets would make a hole in your pocket straight of about $27,000.

But this auction was not limited only up to fancy toilets. There were other items too that were responsible for bringing big bucks in. The furnishings included lamps, furniture, artwork, and antique clocks, and many more. Sinatra’s Ferdinand Berthoud clock was sold for $13,000 and baby grand piano for $7,000. The top seller was a signed Enid Yandell fountain, which was sold for straight $33,000. Buyers, even with a skinny budget, could walk away with a piece of luxury in hand as the pair of his ottomans were sold at $100.

Sinatra has such a tremendous amount of fan following that all 197 items which were lined up for auction were sold and brought so much of money. His fan following was visible during the auction that even after 22 years of his death, people were still crazy to get off something out from the auction. As a Sinatra fan, getting into an auction, and seeing the lavish Sinatra’s furnishing is one of the most exceptional opportunities to grab.