Most of the people are in the habit of eating everything in excess, be it egg, nuts, or anything else. But as per your grandmother’s saying, anything in excess is harmful to your health even if it a healthy ingredient. A study proves that having excess eggs can be harmful; on the other hand, if you eat one egg a day, then it can’t lead your body to the risk of any cardiovascular disease.

The study

The researchers asked 2,15,000 men and women who had no major chronic disease about their daily routine. All of them were asked about egg-eating habits on which most of them said that they have one to five eggs in a week. These people were observed for a long time, and the conclusion was that the people who took a higher number of eggs have now become prone to cardiovascular risk and also became diabetic.

What happens if you take more than one egg in a day?

Most of the people eat only one or two eggs in their breakfast meal, and that too only for two or three days a week. Thus, the average rate of consumption is less than one egg per day. The researchers study the egg-eating habit of 1.7 million people to confirm that having one egg per day has no adverse effect on your heart health.

Also, moderate consumption of egg lowers the risk of heart diseases, mostly in Asian countries. It is because Asians incorporate eggs in their recipes rather than consuming them separately. A dietary model shows that replacing full-fat milk and processed or unprocessed red meat with eggs shows positive results in terms of no cardiovascular disease risk.

Benefits of eggs

Eggs are the cheap and the best way to have a nutritional breakfast; when you have a limited food budget, and even if you have enough budget, it is still like a powerhouse for the entire family.

  • 75 calories
  • 7gms of high-quality protein
  • 5gms of fat
  • 6gms of saturated fat
  • Iron, vitamins, and minerals
  • More disease-fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin

The only negative effect that the yolk part of the egg delivers 185 milligrams of cholesterol to your body that can affect your heart health if you take an excessive amount of eggs in your diet.

Winding Up

Eggs are considered as a healthy food item to add in your diet, but in a moderate form, because excessive use of eggs can affect your heart health. Although the amount of consumption of egg is quite dependable upon the health conditions of the person.

Hence, there are chances that a person may or may not get affected by the daily consumption of eggs. Like in the case of an athlete or a gym person, the daily consumption of eggs is quite vital but on the other hand, a person who sits and works without any workout session, then that person can easily get affected by excess consumption of eggs regularly.