Royalty sometimes catches us so bad that all we want to have is royal mannerism, royal lifestyle, royal baby names

Royalty sometimes catches us so bad that all we want to have is royal mannerism, royal lifestyle, royal baby names and royal dog names. The Social Security Administration (SSA) had announced 2018s top ten baby names. These being for both boys and girls have got people another kind of a royal trauma.

Top baby names in the royal family

In keeping with the present trend, the most popular names for royal baby boys were Liam, Noah, Benjamin, Elijah, Lucas, William, James, Oliver,  Mason, and Logan. For girls, Evelyn, Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Charlotte, Amelia, and Harper topped the list. And while lots of the baby name rankings exist, the report from the SSA is regarded as among the official iterations, given that the majority of men and women get a social security card.

Naturally, William is the title of the possible heir to the throne, Prince William, and Charlotte is the title of his only daughter, Princess Charlotte. We would not be surprised if the 2019 list sees an uptick in Archies now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have shown the title of their children.

Top dog names in the royal family

It’s interesting to note that the royal-inspired name tendency extends beyond babies. According to the pet-sitting and dog-walking website, parents are also jumping on titles inspired by the British royals to name their dog babies.

Josh Benjamin, a spokesperson for, says both Harry and Meghan are up year over year, 133 percent and 129 percent, respectively. The name Archie was trending upward in 2018, and it rose 26 percent from 2017. People follow many other trends, and one of them is getting inspiration from pop culture like Riverdale, who are also interested in retro dog names. Following the retro trend in 2018, old times, dog names like Archie, Minnie, and Pearl went up 17 percent year over year, just like the name tendency for (human) children.

The most popular pet name for 2018 was Sophie, Prince, George, and Charlotte (two of William’s children), according to Rover also details that Archie was the sixth most popular orange cat name out of a list of 82 other names. The name Archie will never be out of fashion and sure to climb up in the coming years.

In conclusion

Social Security Administration (SSA) and give you accurate name trends to follow. Royal culture and that to British royals are up and about everywhere. People have been developing their lives and their culture and taming the royal baby names and royal dog names for over a decade now.