One NO can make people around you let down in terms of their emotions, expectations, and optimism. A single NO could drain out all the positivity out of your body and fill it with negative power. Talking of a study done by Dan, he practiced the notion on a group of people where he started saying no, no, and no several times, and then yes, yes and yes.

He asked the people around about what did they feel and experience during the practice. All unrehearsed, they said that listening to a NO, again and again, was more depressing, and a YES brought in hope.

Isn’t it similar to what we do to our children? Saying no to certain things they ask! Agreeing with the fact that everything could not be answered positively, but another study says that children should be handled with positivity. A denial could also be formed as a statement that would only enlighten the cons of the situation than actually directly denying it. To make your children empathetic and to inspire them to be more courageous, there are some tricks that you need to follow.

When your child asks for a reason, tell them.  When they ask for liberty, liberate them, and that’s what makes you become a constant source of inspiration for your children. An inspiration to make them empathetic, courageous, emotional, and balanced and everything that counts to be a good influence in the world. What is better than raising someone who does not need anyone behind for constant support?

Make your child resilient by not offering them each and everything they want. To be stringent in this world is essential, or else people would step on.

  • Being resilient means balancing all your emotions and strength towards your benefit. Getting stuck in a situation where there is no turning back, and all you could do is gather your courage and be out in a blink.
  • Is it better to be sensible than sensitive? Being helped up in emotions and making weak decisions is far from all the positive energy you might need. Same way, being empathetic is one way of making people trust you. Thinking about the emotions and thoughts of the other person and reacting according to the situation makes you a trustworthy person. It is always important to feel the emotions of the other person and hear their story with all your heart.
  • Sometimes, the thoughts of the other person make it easy for you to gather all your courage and act accordingly.

Telling your children that people out are sensible and not too sensitive that they give a chance to you for improvement might clear their idea of how the world outside works. The moment they step out and see what chaos this world is, they understand how important it is to be courageous, sensible, resilient, and emotionally balanced.