The Venice Simplon-Orient Express has been considered the best luxurious and sophisticated means of train travel for many decades. Before 2018, it was said that this luxurious train still has some scope of improvement, but after that, the company which is handling this train made some remarkable improvements which left no further gap in its improvement.

This fantastic train offers some of the best features to its passengers keeping in mind the best possible comfort for them. In this post, we will study all those features in detail. Let us get started.


The Venice Simplon-Orient Express is handled by a company called ‘Belmond.’ They introduced the three super spacious Grand Suites in March 2018, which will include private bathrooms with showers, double-beds, and a sizeable living area, which will ensure its passengers comfort at the utmost level. The names of the suites were kept after looking at their association with the three cities- Paris, Venice, and Istanbul.

It was decided.d that it will be keeping the general Art Deco motif of the original Orient Express. Along with this, it will get the hand-carved timer, embossed leather, embroidered leather, embroidered pillows, Venetian-style glass lamps, and superb furnishings native to the grand architecture of the French capital.

Best facilities for passengers

According to the Owners of this company, this amazing train will give their passengers some more space to chill and relax. The passengers will have more choices to dine in, and where they will have unlimited champagne to cheer up their mood and be more joyful.  Moreover, the best feature of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express is that it gives you your private bathroom where you can freshen up according to your comfort.

Apart from providing the best possible features to its passengers, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express has also emerged up as the best luxurious train amongst the other trains offered by other countries as well. It is the best train amongst trains such as Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Service and Shiki-Shima train suite of japan, and Al Andalus in Spain.

The new Suites of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express will bee seen on all its decided routes, from London to Venice and the Annual Paris to Istanbul run. It will complement 88 double cabins and 11 single cabins, which were pre-decided in the 1920s original design.  Earlier it had limited space for washbasins though.


We will conclude the article by the statements made by Simon Pielow of the luxury train club, according to him, “There may be some trains, particularly in Japan, that offer more space or something more cutting edge. He also mentioned that “ I am sure these new suites on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express will be the best in the world.” Nothing else offers that kind of refinement and cultural richness – and of course, it will be much more practicable for Europeans”.