Can a mansion improve your health? Yes, this is really a fascinating question. Beverly Hills House is an example of such mansion which is known for wellness living and health improvement. When designer Ron Corvino was designing a super-luxury home in Beverly Hills, he came across an idea to set this home apart. The luxury amenities like car galleries, bowling alleys, and infinity pools felt overdone. So the designer Ron Corvino started thinking about something that Californians care about the most – wellness.

Corvino said, “We live here in Los Angeles in the dirtiest air in America with the healthiest people.” He further added, “people care more about their health and wellness today than ever before in this country.” This is the reason a whole wing of the house having a six-bedroom, 10,000 square-foot home with ocean view, is devoted to looking and feeling one’s best.

The home, built on the Beverly Hills, has a gym, a salon, and a spa suite with a massage area. It has a sauna and steam shower, and a Himalayan salt room too. Corvino designed the whole house on the Beverly hills keeping wellness in mind. The designer Ron Corvino plants to list the house for $24.5 million in February.

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This home is also one of the first houses to be equipped with a security system for the body. The Delos has built the brain of the house. It was capable of sending alerts to the homeowner to any environmental invaders in the home’s air or water. The system also controls the lighting to fit the resident’s natural circadian rhythm best.

Can a mansion improve your health really?

It is one of the leading trends to create healthier homes using technology. But the question remains the same – can a mansion improve your health? The founder & CEO of Delos, Paul Scialla, said that it could. Sciallia believes that health was a missed opportunity while all the smart home technology was going into homes.

Most of the smart home technologies out there have been focused on energy, safety, and convenience. With this in mind, Delos created the Darwin system that senses and purifies the air and water and even manages temperature and lighting inside the house. The Darwin system monitors light for the most restful sleep.

The rest of the house was designed to offer a calming and soothing experience to the homeowner. Ron Corvino used natural materials for the surfaces of the house instead of the typical white walls. Ron Corvino said, “we have limestone, travertine, walnut, and other things that are organic to nature and the space surrounding the home. All this is done to make you feel more comfortable in the home. There are a lot of big homes and mansions that are not at all comfortable.”

The designer of this Beverly Hills house thinks that buyers will respond to the home’s unique approach to health and wellness. Ron Corvino says, “I believe that the topic of wellness has been our priority for some time now. The topic of health and concern is just becoming now more crucial to people than ever before.”